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Your request for the Checker Tools has been redirected. The Checker Tools have been redesigned and will now operate under the Export Control Organisation's SPIRE licensing system. The features available from the Checker Tools will remain the same but the presentation has been updated. The main differences are:

  • Users can now access the Checker Tools without needing to log on using a password.
  • If you are a registered SPIRE user, you can access the Checker Tools from within SPIRE once you have logged on.

The main operational differences are:

  • When using the Goods Checker, you no longer need to add the dots to separate sub entries in a Control Entry. As an example, at present you would need to enter '3A001.a.7.a' to find this entry; on the new Goods Checker you can enter '3A001a7a'. The OGEL Checker has always used this system and so the two tools are now aligned.
  • In the OGEL Checker, you can now have the possible OGELs displayed in alphabetical order or by 'Activity' which groups OGELs according to their type of use.
  • The specific Helpline for the Checker Tools (help@ecochecker.co.uk) is no longer available. All queries relating to the Checker Tools should be sent to exportcontrol.help@trade.gov.uk.

These tools are provided by the Export Control Organisation, the UK's regulatory authority for export licensing of military and dual-use goods. There are two tools available to help locate an OGEL for your needs:

Goods Checker

The goods checker helps to establish if your items are controlled and identify the appropriate control entry ('rating') from the UK Strategic Export Control Lists. If so, you will need to apply for an appropriate export licence. Use this tool in conjunction with the Control List Classification Search Tool available on SPIRE. and the OGEL checker.

OGEL Checker

The OGEL Checker helps to identify if an appropriate Open General Export Licence (OGEL) exists. If so, ensure you can meet all the terms and conditions, before registering via SPIRE. If either no OGELs exist or you cannot meet all conditions, you will need to apply for a Standard Individual Export Licence (SIEL) via SPIRE. Registered OGEL users are subject to ECO Compliance Audits. As an OGEL user you should opt to receive ECO's Notices to Exporters for future licensing updates.

For further practical guidance about export control visit: www.gov.uk.